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360 driving plates of 4th street bridge LAon LED stage

We Are Luxicraft

Our goal is to make your life and your production easier so you can get back to what matters most. 

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Los Angeles, CA

Portland, OR

London, UK

Tel: 213.444.0787



Luxicraft was created out of necessity by industry professionals. Assembled and ready-to-use stabilized 12K footage gives filmmakers and producers instant access to thousands of high-quality real-world 360 backplates.​

The filmmaking industry is shifting to AR, VR, and virtually based productions. The demand for high-quality, stage-ready content is outpacing the accessibility to high-resolution panoramic video content. That’s where we come in.

Luxicraft provides a turnkey solution of ready-to-use, stabilized footage, making it easy for filmmaking teams to instantly access thousands of high-quality, high-resolution 360-degree background plates for LED stages around the world.

Mission Statement

Greg Downing

Greg Downing

Greg specializes in image-based 3D technologies and computational photography techniques applied to VR, AR and Virtual Production. His environment work can be seen in the first Oscar winning VR experience "Carne Y Arena". He won an Emmy for his VR cinematography work in "Awavena" a spherically shot documentary. His Light Field work can be seen in Google VR's "Welcome to Light Fields". His CGI work has been in a number of Hollywood Blockbusters.

Gavin Farrell

Gavin Farrell

Gavin is a Visual FX producer of spherical panoramic experiences. His 21-year career includes 10 years running the digital ad innovation team at Yahoo! In 2018 Gavin received an Emmy for “Outstanding Digital Innovation” for the virtual reality film Capturing Everest. In 2014 his panoramic stitching skills landed his spherical Gigapixel image of the One World Trade Center on the cover of Time Magazine.

Emmy Award winner Michael Franz

Michael Franz

Michael's diverse background in gigapixel photography, 360 Video, VR, and immersive content creation have allowed his work to be trusted by brands such as TIME, Sports Illustrated, Major League Baseball, LifeVR, the Olympics, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon Prime Video, NBC and CBS. His understanding of all types of media production and storytelling earned him a 2014 cover image for TIME Magazine and an Emmy award in 2018 for Outstanding Digital Innovation.

Visual effects supervisor Marcus Taormina

Marcus Taormina

Marcus is a VES nominated Visual Effects Supervisor with over a decade of experience working in the feature film industry. His work encompasses several high-profile film franchises, including The Amazing Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Fast & The Furious. His supervision on Bird Box and Army of the Dead, two feature films, were recently included in Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched movies of all time. He's passionate about storytelling and strives to innovate and problem-solve technological challenges by leveraging his Visual Effects knowledge.

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